There is a continued increase in pressure on worldwide fresh water supplies. It is estimated that by 2025 the demand for water will supply by more than 50%.Contributors to the growing demand for water are the shifting of populations to coastal cities, industrial growth, recurring regional droughts, food production and domestic use. Inadequate fresh water supplies will plummet the standard of living and stunt economic development. A better water management, policies and systems of this resource is imperative.

Around the globe, desalination is increasingly being used for the production of potable water and also to produce high quality industrial process water. The preparation of potable water from seawater for consumption is an energy-intensive and expensive process.

SepraTECH Solutions has the water management solutions that make effective and efficient use of the water and the energy needed to treat it. We have the technical expertise to deliver desalination systems where desalination of water is required. Advance desalination technology from SepraTECH Solutions can help produce abundant supplies of fresh potable drinking water both from brackish and seawater sources. Our desalination specialists are experienced in handling the challenges of dependable, quality water production from saline sources and the specifications for the pretreatment of influent water to allow for long and effective membrane life.

Seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) membrane technology is the process used for desalination. SepraTECH Solutions offers a full range of seawater reverse osmosis systems that are state-of-the-art that will optimize the efficiency of your water utility plant.

SepraTECH Solutions can provide industry standard and customized desalination technologies whatever your water application needs. Our customized desalination plants are designed for medium sized applications such as municipal plants, hotels and resorts, and can be fixed or mobile for flexible water operations.