Textile & Dye Industry

SepraTECH offers the advance effluent treatment solutions for the Textile, Mercerizing, Dyeing and Dyes manufacturing units.

Typical applications in these industries are given below

  • Effluent recycle
  • Zero discharge system
  • Salt recovery
  • Effluent treatment technology
  • Color removal
  • Wastewater treatment and recycling

SepraTECH provides solutions for producing salt free dyes and waste water recovery for dyes manufacturing units.

Dyes manufacturing units typically have the highest salt concentrations in the dyes that they manufacture. The high level of salt present in the dye affects the dyeing strength and the finish. SepraTECH has membranes that can effectively remove the salts without any dye loss. This salt free dyes gives excellent results in textile processing units.

Dyes manufacturing units typically have the highest salt concentrations in the wastewater process. This is one of the great challenges in wastewater treatment for dyes manufacturing industries.

SepraTECH Solutions provides a wide range of wastewater treatment solutions in the Dyes industry. We have experience and technology in the Dyes industries and have solved many complex water challenges.

SepraTECH provides solutions for Brine Recovery and Water Solutions for Textile processing units. Textile processing units consumes maximum amount of salt in the dyeing process. This dye bath solution generally gets mixed with normal wash water and increases the load in the final effluents. SepraTECH has solutions to separate the dye bath effluent from the wash water and recover color less brine for reuse resulting substantial load the effluent treatment plant

Among the manufacturing procedure, the greatest challenges in wastewater management for the textile industry are chemical colors and toxicity. SepraTECH Solutions offers a standalone or a combination of anaerobic and aerobic treatment system that is suited to the customer’s manufacturing process, environmental objective and facility budget.