SepraTECH can offer membrane solutions for various applications in sugar industries such as juice clarification, color removal, juice concentration and brine recovery. Integrating our membranes can replace conventional chemical treatments and also the clarifiers that use heavy equipment leading to high operating costs and associated environmental problems. Our membrane filtration promises superior quality juice with better clarity, much lower viscosity and noticeable color removal.

Color Removal

The sugar industry needs efficient methods in clarifying the raw sugarcane juice in order to improve the quality of the clarified juice and to reduce / eliminate the usage of chemicals (lime). The conventional liming-sulphitation process does not help to remove coloring impurities and thus lends a turbid, dark brown-yellow color to the juice. Our membrane process can help to remove these coloring impurities without any chemical usage thus providing clear and good quality of juice.

Brine recovery

We offer membrane processes for brine recovery application after the ion exchange chromatography step used for sugar-refining. During the ion exchange resin based decoloring step, a high salt concentration effluent is regenerated from the resin column. Our membranes can handle this stream and recover the brine that can be recycled while the colorants and other impurities remain in the reject

Juice Concentration

Sugar cane crushing results in the initial juice which has brix of around 12-16. Further after the crushed cane is washed with water to extract more sugar and the juice obtained through this step has a brix of around 6. Our membranes can be effectively deployed to concentrate this juice from 6 Brix to 15 Brix at almost half the cost of evaporation and thus improve the economics.