API Impurities removal

There are many reasons to remove larger particles in the chemicals used in API production. Because manufacturing of most APIs is done using chemical processing, removing unwanted particles will improve process efficiency and protect the quality of the products created by the processes. Effective harvesting and purification processes play an essential role in ensuring that pharmaceutical manufacturing processes provide biologic drug substances with uniform and consistent properties.

Each chemical component or raw material used in API production has its own unique characteristics. SepraTECH has membranes that can be used to ensure that the ingredients are free of harmful particulates and they must be chosen based on those characteristics.​

Gelatin concentration and de-ashification

Evaporation based conventional methods of dewatering gelatin liquors are energy intensive and sensitive to the frequent escalation of fuel costs. Membrane technology offers a cheap alternative to the evaporation based methods. Weak gelatin liquors can be effectively pre-concentrated up to 15% followed by the final concentration in the evaporators. This combination allows old mills to increase evaporation capacity without additional investment in a new evaporator. Additional advantages of membrane technology include product improvement through de-ashification and increase in viscosity in one single process. An economic analysis, based on experimental work using indigenous membranes, indicates ample scope for membrane technology in gelatin industries.

Gelatin recovery

Washings from process plant and equipment contains less than 2% of gelatin which makes it uneconomical to put into the evaporators. Since the operating cost of removing water using membranes is 1/5th compared to evaporation costs, this gelatin also can be recovered by passing it through our membranes. There is a two fold advantage here: one is recovery of gelatin and the other is reducing load on the effluent treatment plant

Condensate recovery

Condensate water from evaporation plants used in pharmaceutical processes can be fed to membrane technology to remove impurities and hence can be recycled back into the processes.