Community water treatment

SepraTECH Solutions quick deployable water and wastewater technologies are robustly designed for rapid deployment, easy handling, less maintenance, and minimum human operators for government, aid relief operations, military, naval forces, air force, army, and construction of site-camps in the harshest environment and hostile territories. Our water products and equipment are reliable, tough and can withstand high ambient temperature or frequent rough expeditions.

We can design a modular, portable, scalable and easy to operate water and wastewater systems, depending on the specifications and applications of the customer. SepraTECH Solutions can offer flexible, adaptable, lightweight and quick response water systems to comply with the dynamic environ or emergency situation.

SepraTECH Solutions offers tactical lightweight water purification systems for the defence industry.

SepraTECH Solutions water solutions and water technology include:

  • Compact water treatment system for decontamination
  • Storage and distribution equipment
  • Mobile filtration systems
  • Mobile reverse osmosis system
  • Portable water purification systems
  • Complete utility package (mobile water, power generators and temporary cooling)

Our water solutions and emergency mobile water technologies are suitable for military, defence and peace keeping applications, specifically tailored made for on-the-ground operations, natural disasters, quick relief actions, emergency water supply and field chemical purification.

SepraTECH Solutions offer compact, robust and mobile wastewater treatment system that can easily be transported and easy to install with minimal supervision.