Semiconductor Industry

SepraTECH Solutions ultrapure water ensures the continuous production of microelectronics and semiconductor manufacturers around the world. We understand that reliable ultrapure water is critical in the manufacturing process of the semiconductor industry.

In general, semiconductor manufacturers entails huge amount of ultrapure water (UPW) to clean contaminations from wafer surfaces. SepraTECH Solutions provides effective, efficient and precise water technology that ensures cost effective and optimum production is met during production

SepraTECH Solutions has been helping the semiconductor companies to avoid further water costs and water scarcity by introducing a wide range of water recovery and reuse system specifically designed for the microelectronics industry.

Our ultrafiltration(UF) membranes and reverse osmosis technology are the most effective water solution combination in supplying cost effective ultrapure water during the production of microelectronic chips, LCD, film transistors, MEMS, silicon wafers, solar cells and microprocessors. SepraTECH Solutions wide range of membranes technology can also be utilized for recycling of wastewater from the mechanical grinding processes and wafer washing operations.

SepraTECH Solutions Water Solutions for the Microelectronics and Semiconductor Industry:

  • Safe discharge of wastewater
  • Process waste streams
  • Water recovery and reuse system
  • Wastewater treatment systems
  • Remove heavy metals
  • Water reuse and recycling from wafer washing process