Laundry wastewater and Grey water treatment

SepraTECH Solutions understands the challenges faced by commercial laundry establishments in serving the large volume of laundry needs of our customers. Uniforms and soft PPE worn by industrial personnel, medical employees, and butcheries; towels used by hospitality industry, clothes from printing personnel, and chemical lab engineers; and floor mats from manufacturing companies, stores and schools are all items that are washed on a daily basis by industrial laundry companies. Industrial and commercial washers produce wastewater that entails water treatment in various steps. SepraTECH Solutions provides cost-effective, energy efficient and eco-friendly wastewater treatment solutions for the laundries.

Grey water is wash-water or used water from laundry, hand basins, showers and baths. It is all wastewater except for toilet waste and food waste from garbage disposals. In residential buildings like dormitories, apartment blocks and hotels, grey water amounts to at least 50% of all residential waste water. There is a significant difference between grey water and toilet wastewater, which is called “black-water,” and they require different types of treatment and processing, and they should never be mixed together. The re-use of grey water does not diminish our quality of life and has various benefits. It reduces the need for fresh water and consequently reduces household water bills and demands on the public water supply. The amount of wastewater entering sewers is also reduced and benefits not only households but the community as well.

Grey water is a very good source of reclaimable water and with proper treatment can safely be reutilized for laundry and toilets flushing wash water for vehicles, and irrigation etc. Nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen that are present in grey water provide excellent food source for plants. Aside from these, grey water can also be used as water for cooling towers and many more other uses. It is compact and easy to install, SepraTECH Solutions grey water technologies and grey water treatment can be used for both large scale and small scale applications.