Municipal water treatment

SepraTECH Solutions provides a complete range of water solutions and services for water authorities and municipal government institutions to optimize and manage a sustainable water source. SepraTECH Solutions ensures to meet the growing water requirements of the population.

SepraTECH Solutions Municipal Water Solutions:

  • Ultrafiltration (UF) & Reverse Osmosis
  • Electro-Dialysis Reversal (EDR) technology for municipal drinking water,wastewater treatment and reuse
  • Complete water and wastewater management
  • Backup and emergency services with 24 hours respond team
  • Wastewater treatment for reuse and recycle for irrigation
  • Expansion, replacement and maintenance of water infrastructure

Our water technology and solutions enables municipal governments to manage water effectively and operate efficiently in accordance to the best practices in wastewater treatment, wastewater reuse and potable water treatment.

SepraTECH Solutions Effluent Treatment includes:

  • Biofilters and biological contactors
  • Comminuting and pumping technologies
  • Membrane biological reactor (MBR)
  • Ultrafiltration systems
  • Reverse Osmosis systems
  • Nano filtration systems​