V.Y. Jose

Founder and Managing Director

One of the pioneers in manufacturing membranes in India and even today, after 30+ years, there are not many companies in India who possess the technical know-how of manufacturing membranes in-house for different process applications

  • Has developed different types of membranes using different types of polymers depending on the industry and its process
  • Has developed Process Applications using Membranes and offered solutions to many process industries ranging from chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes, textiles, distilleries, breweries, sugar industries, diary, food processing et al.
  • Has provided innovative solutions for Dye desalting for dyes & chemicals, instrumental in providing solutions for brine recovery in textile industries & sugar refineries
  • Has written papers, authored articles and provided technical expertise to complex issues related to the field of Water and Waste water treatment
  • Received the prestigious Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Award which aims to recognize and showcase efforts that shape conservation action, innovation and corporate leadership in sustainability for - Zero liquid discharge system for industrial wastewater treatment to create closed loop systems
  • Has been associated with state-of-the-art Membrane Technology which itself is a sustainable technology as it uses less chemicals and energy compared to conventional technologies
  • Provided technical expertise to laboratory experiments and Research & Development activities in critical areas of Defense, Atomic Research etc
  • Active member of Federation of Gujarat industries (FGI) and Confederation of Indian industries (CII)
  • Has offered best economical solutions without compromising on design, engineering & Quality to an esteemed clientele list