Mining and Mineral Processing Industry

In providing water solutions for the mining and mineral processing companies, there are several challenges and opportunities that require in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry. SepraTECH Solutions offers total water chemical treatment solutions and water technologies to improve the water processing requirements of the mining industry. SepraTECH Solutions water solutions ensure sustainable growth, less energy, optimized production and strict adherence to the local and international environmental regulations.

SepraTECH Solutions Water Services for the Mining Sector Can Achieve:

  • Compliance to environmental regulations
  • Increase health, safety and environmental (HSE) working standards
  • Increase production
  • High yield
  • Asset & equipment protection
  • Reduce operational and production costs

SepraTECH Solutions Water Technology and Solutions for the Mining Sector:

  • Water recovery, treatment and recycling integrated system
  • Chemical treatment solutions
  • SepraTECH Solutions complete mobile water solutions offering rapid response and quick on-site water treatments during utility planned shutdown, emergency, short-term or long-term hire.
  • Improve quality of wastewater by heavy metal removal.
  • A wide choice of filtration and membrane technologies
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) using cutting-edge treatment system to remove wastewater discharge