Institutional water treatment

SepraTECH Solutions years of experience in water and wastewater treatment will benefit the commercial institutions such as educational universities, large complexes, residential appartments or even sporting stadiums.

SepraTECH Solutions has experience in effectively solving water challenges in schools, universities, airports, government buildings, sporting arena, commercial &office buildings, and district cooling plants etc.

SepraTECH Solutionsfor commercial institutional include:

  • Desalination / RO systems from any source (seawater or brackish)
  • Diagnostics and remote monitoring
  • Chemical dosing
  • Water treatment membrane systems
  • Water treatment chemicals
  • On-site maintenance and services

Water treatment and wastewater solutions for commercial places and large institutions will have a significant effect on running cost, operation and maintenance costs, utility costs, longevity of assets, compliance with local regulations, safety and other indirect costs. SepraTECH Solutions will ensure that your water technology will meet all expectations, including your budget and energy footprint. We offer optimum results pertaining to any water equipment with the maximum efficiency to drive down energy usage, minimal labor maintenance and less water consumption.