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Process Applications, Waste Water & Water Treatment Specialists

Since opening our doors for business back in 2013, SepraTECH Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been associated with a high level of quality, expertise, innovations & professionalism. That's largely because of our concerted effort to deepen the connections we have within the industrial community & to continuously improve the personalized services we provide.



Emerged as 'Top 10 Promising Water Treatment Companies in India' by SiliconIndia

Commercialization of state-of-art fruit juice membrane based clarification system

Supply of sewage treatment  plant and biological sludge dewatering system for Asia’s 1st  one of a kind project funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for generating energy from biological sewage sludge

Supply and successful commissioning of sulphate removal membrane system for India’s first Sodium Chlorate Manufacturer


Supplied Acid Recovery Membrane System

Supply of state-of-the-art ‘zero liquid drop discharge’ (ZLDD) system to the World’s 1st pre-painted steel coating manufacturer

Supplied Membrane-based  effluent recycle system for handling low pH acid stream from Electroplating Industry

Commercialized Silica Removal System


Successfully commissioned one of a kind sulphate removal membrane system to recover Anhydrous sodium sulphate from the effluent stream

Successfully manufactured and supplied 5 MLD Effluent Recycle UF + RO Membrane System 


Recipient of Sustainability Innovation Challenge award in recognition of its Zero Liquid Discharge System in industrial wastewater treatment


SepraTECH Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Mr. V. Y. Jose