Chemicals and Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical and chemical plants release various types of wastewater such as oily wastewater, organic wastewater and nitrogenous wastewater which may harm the environment. It is important to treat these wastewaters from the petrochemical and chemical companies with various water treatment technologies.

General wastewater treatment process of petrochemical and chemical companies consist of influent stream that gets a fed into the treatment system. The solids are eliminated by a mechanical separation system, then flotation oil sucking procedure, and taking out the oil to an oil storage tank. The microorganisms will treat the left over water which will then flow in the anaerobic system. A process of bubbling of air will be the next stage or what is called aerobic treatment process. A secondary sedimentation tanks will collect the flocs that are created by the aerobic treatment process. The flocs will turn into sludge at the bottom of coagulation tanks. Sludge will be removed, dewatered and compacted. The clarified water then processed through a membrane system and the high quality permeate stream is finally released for recycling.

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