Pharmaceuticals & Life-sciences

Chemical companies, pharmaceutical research laboratories and life sciences in general require reliable, ultrapure and safe water in their business and operations processes. Their products and services as well as the HSE policies require substantial amount of treated & processed water. Research and development, monitoring of tests results and the end-user products are solely dependent on the quality of water being produce by their facilities.

SepraTECH Solutions understands that water solutions and wastewater treatment technologies in the pharmaceutical industry are critical. We closely work with companies with utmost critical care in providing the best water solutions for their requirements.

SepraTECH Solutions Products and Solutions for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industry:

  • Wastewater sampling, permitting and licensing
  • Water recycle-reuse
  • Tertiary treatment effluent polishing
  • Water facility management including maintenance, refurbishing and replacement

We provide complete water solutions and technologies to the most complex water requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.